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You want to achieve your ideal weight. 
Only problem is... 
you lack willpower and self-discipline!

Train your brain to think like a thin person and
drop unwanted pounds for good in the 5 day...

 Shed + Shred Bootcamp!



I definitely feel more confident. 
I feel like I can do it now!  
The mindset was the one piece I was missing. 
Once the mindset is down pat, everything else 
falls into place. 
- Melanie  - New Mom

Have you ever wondered why you continue to reach for unhealthy foods even though you know you shouldn’t?!

If you're like most dieters I talk to, chances are you...
  • 'Eat you emotions', turning to food whether you're stressed, frustrated, bored, tired or happy
  • ​Have tried everything to reach your ideal weight but NOTHING seems to work
  • Lack self-confidence because you're uncomfortable about the body that you're in
  • Can't get motivated to eat healthier, and quit before you even get started
  • Have destructive thoughts and habits that derail you from your weight loss goals
I'm one of just a handful of the 3% of people who lose weight AND keep it off for more than one year. However, it wasn't always this way...

In 2013 I knew I needed to make a change but I had no idea where to start. 

I felt embarrassed, ashamed and even jealous of those in my life that had achieved their perfect weight. 

In fact, for many years I struggled losing it and gaining it back. It was a a never ending cycle that I was desperate to break. The diets I had tried in the past didn’t work for me made me hungry and angry, you know, HANGRY.

The problem back then (and still is today for that matter) was that it was hard to find a solution that actually worked without the overwhelm and deprivation. 

It wasn't until I decided to start working on changing my mindset and believing in my ability to change, did I start to really see progress.

And now that lost and maintained my 30lb weight loss for over 6 years, I've made it my mission to connect and help other people achieve and maintain their ideal weight...PERMANENTLY...


Here’s the truth, friend: If you’re going to build a successful weight loss plan, then you’re going to have to get real about, well… YOUR MINDSET!

You wouldn't put your socks on after you put your shoes on right??

That's kinda like your mindset when it comes to eating healthier.


It doesn’t matter if you eat all the kale in the world, obsessively track your macros or get your daily steps in. If you don’t take care of the s**t going on in your mind that weight ain't going nowhere.

That's right your thoughts are literally WEIGHING YOU DOWN.

Successful dieters know that in order to make losing weight easier, sustainable and permanent you need to understand three things: 

And that's how your thoughts, feelings and actions are connected.  
Because at the end of the day, there are 37 trillion cells in your body, and your thoughts and beliefs affect the functioning of those cells with your health, illness and definitely your ability to lose weight.

That means that, if you have a difficult time getting back on track when you stray from eating healthy, punish yourself for eating those foods you think you 'shouldn't, or see a single negative event like eating a cookie as a never ending pattern of're not going to get very far with your weight loss goals, right?!


So let’s do this. 

The Shed & Shred Bootcamp

A 5-day bootcamp for frustrated dieters to help you to train your brain to think like a thin person and drop unwanted pounds for good.

Bootcamp dates: Sept 14th - Sept 18th

You opened my eyes to see that we should change the words that we use so that they don’t work against you. 
- Khalilah  - Lifelong Dieter

Here’s what you’re getting inside the bootcamp: 

5 Days of Live Training to Take You From “Lacking Willpower and Self Discipline” to Getting and Staying Motivated to Lose Weight...Without the Deprivation! ($3000 Value)

Each day, I'll be going live inside our Members-Only Facebook group to help you work through the 3 bad habits you need to release so that you can have the healthy body that you deserve and want. 

Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect:

Day 1: Getting Back on Track

One little misstep in your eating plan which leads to feelings of guilt and self loathing. 

One of the biggest mistakes dieters make is that they don’t know how to work with their own mind.

You see losing weight as an impossible task and may even abandon your plan right then and there. You end up beating yourself up for the rest of the day wondering what you’re going to see when you next step on the scale. Has this ever happened to you?

Yup, me too! On Day 1, we’re going to get crystal clear on exactly how to tip the scale in your favour with the thoughts that you have
and WHY the thoughts that you have are more important than how much kale you eat. 

Day 2: Unleashing Your Self-Confidence

Are you your own worst enemy?

Cognitive distortions are irrational, inflated thoughts or beliefs that distort a person’s perception of reality, usually in a negative way - and they're killing your self-confidence and weight loss efforts.

Inside this training, we’re going to get clear on the automatic thoughts that are so habitual that they're killing your confidence, so that you can improve your self esteem while accepting your failures without judgment. 

Day 3: Motivating Yourself to Lose Weight

Punishing yourself for eating the 'wrong' things?

Does this sound familiar?

“I can’t eat that, I shouldn’t eat this.” “I mustn’t eat ice cream.” 
I can’t have that glass of wine.’ 

On Day 3, we’ll talk through those negatively charged words that bring on guilt and snuff motivation and how to get and stay motivated when things get tough on your weight loss journey.



PLUS over $1000 of additional bonuses, including… 

BONUS #1  
End Your Battle with Food

End Your Battle with Food

 ($497 Value) 

If you regularly eat or choose unhealthy comfort foods when you’re stressed or not truly hungry, something is out of balance. 

In this masterclass you'll learn how to end the anguish of emotional eating by uncovering the 5 different emotional eating types so that you can get to the root of overeating.

Get This For FREE When You Claim Your Ticket To The Bootcamp Today!

Bonus #2 
Your Roadmap: 3 Secrets to Lifelong Weight Loss 

Your Roadmap: 
3 Secrets to Lifelong Weight Loss 

($497 Value)

Now it’s time for action, friend! In our final training, we’re going to be creating your step-by-step roadmap based on YOUR unique goals. 

FACT: 95% of people who go on diets fail to keep the weight off.
But what about the other 5%?
It turns out there are 3 simple secrets that separate the 5% from the 95%.

Curious what they are? In this exclusive webinar I’ll be sharing the 3 secrets you need to unlock to make weight loss easier AND make weight management a lasting success!

Whether you've tried everything to release the weight before, you’ll leave this training with a game plan to ACTUALLY make it happen. 

Get This For FREE When You Claim Your Ticket To The Bootcamp Today!

Bonus #3 
Access to our Pop-Up Training Facebook Group 

Access to our Pop-Up Training Facebook Group for Support and Accountability

($297 Value)

Consider this your hub for the bootcamp. This is where you can post your homework, connect with other dieters, and get feedback from me as you nail down your weight loss plan.

Get This For FREE When You Claim Your Ticket To The Bootcamp Today!

Bonus #4 
Negative Thought Patterns Tracking Sheet

Negative Thought Patterns 
Tracking Sheet

($19 Value)

I'm handing over a powerful worksheet to help you uncover and challenge those negative thoughts and emotions that are preventing you from losing weight.

Together we'll use this worksheet to help you to break down the 3 most limiting beliefs that stop dieters from losing weight and how to replace them with more empowering beliefs so that you can release both the emotional AND physical weight!

Get This For FREE When You Claim Your Ticket To The Bootcamp Today!

Bonus #5 
Daily Morning Motivation

Daily Morning Motivation

($197 Value)

The morning sets the mood and the tone for the rest of the day. That's why each each morning you'll receive a morning mindset video from Trudy to help you master your thoughts and habits so that you can master permanent weight loss. 

Get This For FREE When You Claim Your Ticket To The Bootcamp Today!



Get The Step-By-Step Training To Train Your Brain to Think Like A Thin Person And Drop Unwanted Pounds For Good For Just $27! 

When you sign up for the Build Your Shed and Shred Bootcamp, you'll get... 

  • 5 days of live training on how to nail down your thoughts, feelings and actions for permanent weight loss ($997 Value)
  • ​Lifetime Access to the training recordings so you can revisit whenever you need to dive back into your weight loss strategy ($497 Value) 
  • ​Bonus #1 | When Food is Comfort Masterclass so you can learn how to end the anguish of emotional eating ($497 Value)
  • Bonus #2 | 3 Secrets to Lifelong Weight Loss Masterclass So you can unlock the 3 secrets you need to make weight loss easier AND make weight management a lasting success!  ($497 Value)
  • Bonus #3 | Access to the pop-up training Facebook Group where I'll be answering ALL your questions to help you lock in your weight loss plan ($297 Value)
  • Bonus #4 | ​Negative Thought Patterns Tracking Sheet to help you to break down the 3 most limiting beliefs that stop dieters from losing weight ($19 Value)
  • Bonus #5 | Daily Morning Motivation to help you master your thoughts and habits so that you can master permanent weight loss. ($197 Value)

Snag over $3,000 in value… 
… FOR JUST $27

Bootcamp dates: Sept 14th - Sept 18th

Here Is My '10x Guarantee'

Yes, I 100% guarantee that you will love this bootcamp. 

If after the end of Day 1 of the bootcamp and doing the exercises you don’t feel as though you have received AT LEAST $27 worth of value, I will happily refund your investment in full.

Email support ( by 8:59am EST on Day 2 for a full refund.

Sound fair?

Have a burning question? Here’s what’s come up for other bootcampers

 Who is best suited for this bootcamp? Is this right for me?

If you are someone who is wants to achieve their ideal weight without the overwhelm then this bootcamp is right for you. That means, dieters who have tried everything to lose weight or don't know where to start to achieve success.

It is NOT right for you if you're into quick fixes or fad diets.

  Where is this bootcamp happening?

It's all going down inside our pop-up Facebook group!

  Will I be able to ask Trudy questions?

You bet! I'll be teaching inside our pop-up Facebook group and there to answer any questions you have throughout the bootcamp. I'll also be hosting LIVE Q&A sessions each day!

  What if I can’t make it live? 

Don’t worry about it! Your ticket comes with lifetime access to the call recordings, so you can watch whenever is best for you. 

However, I’ll be jamming out and answering questions live, so I HIGHLY recommend you show up and make the time! If you don’t prioritize your health now, when will you? 

 Why do I have to pay for my ticket to the Shed and Shred Bootcamp?

Simply put when people pay, they pay attention. In the past we have run free bootcamps and we noticed that most people didn't take it seriously. We don't know about you, but when it comes to our time, we only want to spend it working with people who are in it to win it!

By adding on a small fee, we ensure that only the best quality participants will take part in the bootcamp. The kind of people who are encouraging of others success and who you actually want to be around!

Besides, we also offer a zero-risk, money-back guarantee where you can ask for a refund by the end of the first day of the bootcamp and we’ll return your money, no questions asked. So what do you have to lose?


Hi, I’m Trudy — Your Bootcamp Coach

I'm a culinary nutritionist and TV guest expert who lost 30 lbs seven years ago. I now help women create the right mindset & healthy habits for permanent weight loss. 

I've had the pleasure of sharing my weight loss journey and strategies on TV appearing on Cityline, CTV News, CBC News, CP24, YourMorning, and more. 

But had you told me back in 2012 that I would've lost 30lbs and kept it off AND built my business helping others to lose weight permanently too... I wouldn't have believed you. Because I felt SO LOST on how to lose weight and actually make it stick! 

But over the last seven years, I've been able to keep the weight off (AKA which doesn't require me to starve myself and live a life of deprivation while still enjoying wine!).

And I'm so excited to share my experience with you so you can train your brain to think like a thin person and lose unwanted pounds for good, too!
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